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Ancient Teachings for Modern Times

Divine Expression is a place to relax and return to your inner sanctuary.  A sacred space is provided for you to awaken to your inner being and healing.

The healings and classes offered at Divine Expression are part of the Mystery School Tradition and have been handed down in an unbroken lineage dating back to the time of King Salomon.  These authentic Modern Mystery School tools are a doorway to your hidden abilities and self-empowerment!

Are you looking for something more in your life?  Are you feeling stressed and overwhelmed and looking for tools to balance your life and reclaim your energy back?  Are you looking to begin a new career in service as a Light Worker?  Are you presently a Light Worker and would like to expand your services and bring more power and energy to your work and your clients? 

The Path of Initiation awakens and develops your inner strengths and abilities to reach your highest potential.

Come experience authentic Mystery School energy and step onto the Path of Initiation!

Services Classes About

Life Activation

Emotional Cord Release

Life Purpose Reading

Jikiden Reiki

Isis Healing Modality

King Salomon Healing Modality

Spark of Life

Intuitive Readings

• Max Meditation System™

• Sanctuary Meditation Technique

• Sacred Divine Geometry

• Astral Travel

• Spiritual Awakening

• Empower Thyself

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